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StoneStream Shower Heads

You will probably have seen a StoneStream advert if you searched for my product so I thought it worthwhile for me to review their adverts.

UP to 2X increased water flow – Low water pressure (30 PSI) – 212% increase

So lets start with the claim that 30 PSI is low pressure.

30psi = 2 bars = 20 metres head.

A typical gravity system has a cold water tank such that the shower head on the top floor is 1 metre 0.1 bars.
The pressure 1 floor down is + 3 metres = 4 metres pressure.
The pressure 2 floors down is + 6 metres = 7 metres pressure.
The pressure 3 floors down is + 9 metres = 10 metres pressure.
The pressure 4 floors down is + 12 metres = 13 metres pressure.
The pressure 5 floors down is + 15 metres = 16 metres pressure.
The pressure 6 floors down is + 18 metres = 19 metres pressure.
The pressure 7 floors down is + 21 metres = 22 metres pressure.

Does anyone want to disagree with me when I think that 30 psi is anything other than high pressure. Since all the videos and reviews appear to be based on a water pressure x20 that of an upstairs gravity fed shower I am unconvinced. The standard test for a WrightChoice shower head can be performed with just 1 metre head not 20 metres head.

Best Hand Held Shower Heads – WrightChoice

It annoys me when reviews show shower heads with high reviews when they lack the fundamental aspects which can make a shower head perform well.

No shower will be great if you have less that 3 metres head but many people suffer with poor showers when they have good pressure.

Whether you have a gravity system, an electric shower, or a Combi Boiler, first of all lets see if we agree on what is a good shower.

Enough Water
Enough water to wash your hair so 4.5 to 6.5 litres a minute.
Any thing less than this and you will spend too much time trying to wash away suds.
Any more than this and you will waste water and money or your system will simply not have enough flow and pressure to achieve more.

Invigorating Shower
The speed of the water as it leaves the shower head is accelerated though the shower jets but if the jets are too small or too few they reduce the flow water too much. The faster the water flow the more exhilarating the spray.

Volume of Water x Speed of Water x Area of Spray = Good Shower

The only way to get the balance right is by trial and error but if you buy our Shower Heads we have already taken the guesswork out of it.

Take the guesswork out of buying a shower head and buy a WRightChoice Shower Head

Take the guesswork out of buying a shower head and buy a WRightChoice Shower Head

If you have low pressure no shower head will work as well as you may wish it to but the simplest and easiest way to increase pressure is with a ShowerPowerBooster. Buy direct from the inventor at

A ShowerPowerBooster can fit without modification to you plumbing in minutes to give a permanent increase in pressure.

A ShowerPowerBooster can fit without modification to you plumbing in minutes to give a permanent increase in pressure.

WRightChoice Domestic Water Pressure Testing Kit

The WRightChoice Domestic Water Pressure Testing Kit was developed by Alan Wright in 2018 specifically to allow existing ShowerPowerBooster customers and potential ShowerPowerBooster customers to diagnose problems in domestic water systems. The genuine kit is only sold through Alan Wright on this web site.

WRightChoice Domestic Water Pressure Testing Kit

WRightChoice Domestic Water Pressure Testing Kit

You can click on this link to buy a pressure testing kit. These kits are for potential and existing ShowerPowerBooster Customers Only

The WRightChoice Domestic Water Pressure Testing Kit will allow customers to:-

1. Check the static pressure by taking off the existing shower hose and screw in a test gage.
2. Undertake a full hydraulic survey.

Test one will allow a customer to check if an installed shower power booster is working properly before calling in a plumber.
Test two will allow a customer to find out how effectively a SPB might solve a perceived problem.

Existing Customers
We hold a small stock of these kits which we will loan to existing SPB customers with problems.
The kits can be returned if a SPB needs collecting or it can be posted back to Flowflex by the customer if no problem is found with the SPB. We may opt to send you the static test components only if we feel this is all you need.

Potential Customers
Potential customers are able to buy the full kit and receive a 5% discount on the website if they go on to buy a SPB

What is a static water pressure test and how do I measure this?
A static water pressure is the water pressure when the water is static (not moving)
To check the static water pressure test simply screw in the specially adapted pressure gage supplied directly into where your shower head would normally fit. Alternatively if you do not have a shower head you can use the additional fittings and plastic shower hose supplied with the full kit.

What is a dynamic pressure test and how do I measure this?
A dynamic water pressure is the water pressure when water is flowing. Dynamic water pressure is lower than the static water pressure because when water flow through a pipe there are friction losses. Dynamic Water Pressure = Static Water Pressure – Friction Loss.

To measure the dynamic flow you need to allow flow in the pipe so anything that prevents the flow will only measure static pressure. Static pressure tests are sometimes undertaken by plumbers but many problems will only become apparent if the water is flowing and a dynamic pressure test is done.

Cut your pipe and insert the brass compression tee. The plastic hose connects to the compression tee and the gage to the other end of the hose. When you finish the test you can simply use the compression plug provided to cap off the tee and leave it in place (ready for any later tests). Your local plumbers merchant can supply compression tees and compression plugs if you need to undertake tests on more than one pipe.


Testing a ShowerPowerBooster
ShowerPowerBoosters are very reliable and are fully factory tested before leaving the factory but we do on very rare occasions have a pump that needs replacing. We could simply send you another pump and say ‘try this’ but this means that you may have to call in a plumber to switch over the pump. Any customer who can screw in a shower head can screw in our pressure gage and test if the SPB is working.
Here is a step by step guide to how to do this.
1.0 Unscrew your shower head and replace it with our pressure guage.
2.0 Turn the mixer to full hot and record the pressure.
3.0 Run the SPB manually by plugging the transformer directly into the motor (refer to page 16 of the Information Manual supplied with the pump.)
4.0 With the mixer still turned to full hot record the pressure.
This is how you interpret your results.
1.0 If the pressure increase is 0.5 bar or more then the SPB is working properly
2.0 If the pressure increase is less than 0.5 bar then leave the pump running for a while and feel the pipes to check hot water is being pushed thought the mixer into the cold pipe.

Please then contact us to discuss the results and arrange delivery of a replacement pump if necessary.

Testing an electric shower.
An electric shower is designed to turn the heating element off and you get a cold shower if the pressure falls below 0.8 bars. Alternatively if the sensor on the electric shower is faulty then it might deliver scalding water instead of cold water.

If you have low pressure which fluctuates when someone turns a tap on, or fluctuates according to the time of day, then a SPB will stop this problem to give you a better shower and one which does not suffer when the pressure fluctuates.

For most people there is no reason to believe that a 0.4 bar boost from a single SPB added to the pressure you already have takes it over the 0.8 bar minimum and will sort things. If in doubt a double boost will give you 0.4 + 0.4 bar boost which gives you the minimum even if you only start off with gravity head.

We occasionally have customers who claim to have pressures in excess of 1.0 bar and yet suffer from cold or boiling water. This could mean that the electric shower has a sensor which is faulty and thinks 1.2 bars is 0.8 bars so shuts off. A SP2B might solve this or a SP21S double boost again might solve this.

If you know what the real pressure is then you can make descision based on the facts.

Testing after a ShowerPowerBooster has already fitted
If you have already fitted the SPB then you can follow the steps described previously and check the static head. This is a useful first step and knowing the pressure is with and without the pump running tells you if you need a second pump to double boost the cold of it is in fact a faulty electric shower sensor.

You are looking for O.8 bars or better still 1.0 bars with the pump running.

If the result is not obvious then you may want to go onto a dynamic pressure test which will identify problems such as a blocked filter in your electric shower, air locks, or many other flow restrictors. Whatever the results ShowerPowerBooster are happy to discuss the results you have and suggest other tests which might help identify the problem.

General Pressure Problems.
The WRightChoice Domestic Water Pressure Testing Kit is best used to identify a problem before the problem occurs but you are probably looking at this page because you have a problem and want to know if a ShowerPowerBooster will sort it.

We can sell you a ShowerPowerBooster on the basis that it is highly likely to solve your problem, you can test after you install with a loan test kit, but we can give you the option of identifying your problem before you fit our pumps.

WRightChoice Shower Heads

WrightChoice shower heads will connect to any shower hoses and it is the shower hose which has a cone one end and which fits into the shower head holder.

WRightChoice Standard Shower Head (back view)

WRightChoice Standard Shower Head (back view)

WRightChoice Standard Shower Head (front view)

WRightChoice Standard Shower Head (front view)

WRightChoice Standard Shower Head (Side View)

WRightChoice Standard Shower Head (Side View)