Best Shower Heads and Hoses

Shower hoses come in different diameters.
A high flow shower hose which has an internal diameter of at least 10mm will deliver more water with very little pressure loss compared with a small bore shower hose (typically 8mm). Small bore shower hoses are ‘standard’ and supplied with many new shower mixers, so changing to a high flow shower hose may have a huge effect. The effect can be very dramatic, so this is a first thing to look at.

Many customers do not know that 2 types of shower hose exist, so they can easily buy standard shower hoses by mistake. Look at the internal diameter of the shower hose. If the internal diameter of the shower hose is less than 10mm diameter, then it’s not a high flow shower hose. The shower will be better if you boost the flow with a pump, but it may be good enough for what you want if you just change the shower hose.

You Do Not Need To Spend A Lot Of Money To Get A Good Shower Head
People can buy many shower heads before they get it right, but a good shower head is as important as a good shower hose. When you buy a WRight Choice shower head you are also buying my experience and recommendation that it is the best. Shower heads for electric showers need fine jets of water and if you have low pressure you need a shower head designed for 1 metre head. WRightChoice shower heads work for both. They will never be as good as a boosted shower, but put on a shower head which is designed to operate on 10 metres head, and the results are obvious – it won’t work. Buying the right shower head is not easy unless you know what you are looking for and spending lots of money is not needed. A good shower head needs 100+ jets and a wide choice of multi spray patterns.

You Do Not Need To Look Far To Find A Shower Good Mixer
Shower mixer valves mix hot and cold water to give you a shower at the temperature you want. I believe the most important thing a shower mixer has to do is to maximise the shower experience you have with whatever pressure you have. There are great mixer valves which need only 0.1 bar pressure. Many mixer valves can easily balance different hot and cold water pressures in the ratio of 4 to 1 – others are not very good at dealing with differential pressure. Some of the expensive branded shower mixers are the worst performing hydraulically, so just paying more money will not guarantee a good mixer. The selling point ‘ideal for combi boilers’ is a strong indication that it only works on mains pressure, so if your system only has gravity head then do not expect it to work well. A bad mixer is a poor starting point but the right shower head and hose will always improve things.

It should not surprise you that on this web site you can buy shower heads and hoses which with the right shower mixer will give you a good shower. With a ShowerPowerBooster you will double the flow and quadruple the pressure of an upstairs shower, but a good starting point is to have the right shower head and hose.