Salamander Home Boost

The Salamander Home Boost and Shower Power Booster, both recognise when pressure and flow is low and automatically boosts the pressure of the incoming mains water.

SPB has a UK patent granted, which protects a unique simplicity such that our product achieves amazing effect without complex and expensive electronics, and with a fraction of the power usage of the Salamander.

 of SPB
Boosts mains water pressure and flow

Simple to install

Compact size

Water fitting regulations compliant

Salamander Home Booster Specification

Cost £299 to £538

Max Head 1.6 Bars

Maximum Boosted Flow 12 l/m

Typical Boosted Flow 12 l/m at 1.2 bars

Noise 46 Db at 1 metre

Power Usage 230 Volts at 1.8 Amps (414 Watts)

Dimensions 175 x 110 x 195 mm

Weight 3.114 Kg

Warranty 2 years

Vertical Orientation Only

Shower Power Booster Specification

Cost £95 to £150

Max Head SP1/SP2 = 0.55 Bars

Max Head SP21S = 1.1 bars

Maximum Boosted Flow 9.5 litres/minute (*)
Typical maximum boosted flow 6 to 8 litres/minute

Optimal Boosted flow 5 to 7 litres/minute

Noise <50 Db at 0.1 metres 
Power Usage 15 to 30 Watts Dimensions
 150mm x 42mm x 125mm
 Weight 0.18 KG
 Warranty 3 years
 Orientation - Fit at any angle (*) Shower Power Booster is designed to be optimal for showers and taps using 6 litres a minute and is perfect for the USA where the maximum legal flow rate for showers is limited to 9.5 litres per minute. Many features of the home boost and SPB are identical; however, no pump will pump water which does not exist, or if the problem is with the heater itself. If your problem is pressure-related, then a pump will solve your problem, but if the problem is due to the inability of a heater to heat water fast enough, the harder a pump pushes, the harder the heater pushes back. You can fit the SPB on the hot or cold feed. Its compact size, low weight, and its ability to work in horizontal as well as vertical pipes allows you to fit it to any rigid pipe without support, so it can often be hidden away in a cupboard without taking up valuable space. If fitted to boost an individual tap, shower, heater, or combi-boiler, it will protect the flow to that outlet even when other taps are opened. If fitted to a pipe which feeds multiple units/taps/showers it will boost every unit/tap/shower. If two outlets are used at the same time, the pressure boost will be sacrificed because although the pump works harder to increase the overall flow, there is only so much it can do with and still achieve its low power rating. If it’s just one or two taps or showers which cause you a problem in your house, then we then think it’s got to be Shower Power Booster. Buy from or complete range of WRight choice micro pumps

Alan Wright
BSc(Hons) CEng. MICE
Inventor Of Shower Power Booster