Trevi Booster & Trevi Showers

If you want to buy a Trevi Boost Cartridge Assembly (A963348AA) it can cost £199.00 plus P&P for just the cartridge.

Trevi Boosters and Trevi Showers work on a simple Venturi effect and can be used if you have mains pressure cold water and gravity fed hot water.

We have many people who have fitted a Trevi Boost Shower but have contacted Shower Power Booster for a better solution.

A single SP2 Shower Power Booster on the hot has given our customers an amazing transformation to their showering experience.

Shower Power Boosters are recommended without hesitation for use in boosting the hot gravity feed to improve a Trevi Shower or Trevi Booster system, or as a complete replacement for a Trevi System.

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