Crodex H20 Venturi Shower Booster

The Crodex H20 venturi shower booster used the mains cold water pressure to “suck” the hot water through at high pressure. For some people the hot pressure was just too low, the cold pressure was too low, and in these conditions the shower would not work well or they would not perform at all.

ShowerPowerBooster is a new invention which makes the Crodex H20 Venturi Shower Booster redundant or boosts the hot and males the Crodex even better. Running at just 12.5 watts the SPB is an amazing efficient solution and is the obvious choice when replacing a or improving the performance of a Crodex H20.

To boost a venturi shower a single low wattage pump is all you need: Its Plug and Play, needs no electrician, and a great DIY fix for a permanant solution.

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