Alan Wright is an inventor who sells ShowerPowerBoosters and works very closely through Flowflex. Flowflex are the largest manufacturer of plumbing fittings in the UK. Email Alan on if you want to ask a question.

With 30 years in municipal water design, Alan Wright BSc(Hons) Civil Engineering,CEng, MICE, is a hydraulics expert. He joined Anglian Water at a time when Victorian excellence in design and simplicity still permeated the water industry. As a Reservoir Inspector he saw many marvels of Victorian engineering, but was paid to rip lots of it out to replace it with complex and often less reliable ‘modern’ technology.

His philosophy is to restore simplicity.

Instead of disruptive work to get the solution you need, you may just need a good shower head, and if you want more, the Shower Power Booster simply boosts a pre-selected volume of water in an existing pipe to give you the shower and tap flow you need.

Shower Power Boosters are manufactured exclusively by Flowflex in the UK.

We sell as far afield as New Zealand and Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, India, Tailand, Malaysia, the UK and Eire. SPB boosts gravity systems, pressurised systems, central heating systems, solar thermal systems, electric showers, and combi boilers, wood burners, ice making machines, private boreholes, pressurised systems, Trevi Boosters, and Fortic Tanks.

Our best seller by far is the SP2 which is fully automatic and which for many gives a single pump solution to pressurize and invigorate every tap and shower in a house. Shower power boosters can be legally fitted to any gravity or mains water pipe and were featured in Dragons Den, September 2013.

We have been assisted in our journey by some amazing organisations and visited India in 2014. In 2015 we visited the USA, Cyprus, and Turkey.

We believe in sustainability – In this throw-away society Shower Power Boosters are made to last.

We sell shower heads and hoses which are better than those that scored best in our research at Cranfield University and a range of fittings and extras to make life easy. It might just be a new shower head you need, so buy from us and if it saves you buying a pump, we lose a pump sale but celebrate another happy customer.

We constantly evolve this product but new models will use components interchangeable with older models, which allows the customer to update and improve. We do not move with the herd and would like to think the way we work brings a smile to some.

Alan Wright is developing applications in which the SPB can transform the way that rainwater can be harvested, water can be treated, heating systems made more efficient, and one common theme to all of these applications is that they must be cheaper and better than the current choices already on the market.

‘Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a lot of genius and lots of courage to move in an opposite direction.’ Albert Einstein – Scientist (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955)